I help bring your digital project to live

Hello, I am Simon Gattner!

I help bring your digital project to live by offering services such as software development, accessibility, UX/UI design, design systems, and performance consulting as a Full-Stack and Frontend Developer, working with you as a freelancer and consultant.

If you are striving for success โ€“ try empathy for your users.

I have been working as a Full-Stack and Frontend Developer for over ten years now. Always with a focus on solutions that generate meaningful experience.

To understand the WHO and WHAT is as important to me as keeping time-an-budget in mind to create a seamless E2E, user centric experience.

My personal goal is to continually grow and implement challenging projects. I am happy to be part of the team and for being part of the innovation in the digital world.

I primarily focus on software development in projects using frameworks such as Next.js, React, and Node.js with TypeScript in a JAMStack environment. I also have professional experience with Vue, Nuxt, Angular, and astro.build. My development methodology involves using XP and TDD methods and I prefer DDD and Design Thinking for developing sustainable solutions. I use Kanban or Scrum for organization.

Aside from frontend and full-stack development, I offer consulting support and implementation for accessibility, UX/UI design, design systems, and performance. My software development experience includes working on projects such as CMS, PIM, and DAM integrations for enterprise, intranet, B2C and B2B applications, as well as implementing landing pages and cross-platform applications that are multi-brand and multi-lingual.

Currently, I am expanding my technical skills by learning Rust and Go, and furthering my knowledge of AWS and Linux with certification. My goal is to expand my full-stack skills. I am also deepening my methodological knowledge by implementing Domain-Driven Design in customer projects. The implementation aims to develop better software solutions with the customer.

You can hire me as a freelancer and consultant to strengthen your team or manage a complete project. If you have a digital project in mind or need help with web development, accessibility, or UX/UI design, please don't hesitate to get in touch!